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Invitations By Dezyne


Located in historic Newburgh, Indiana, Invitations By Dezyne was established in 1984. We specialize in Handmade Custom Invitations made especially for you. We are more than just a printing company. We combine our expertise, grand ideas, style, & Graphics to create the perfect invitation. Your invitation will be made to your specifications adding all the simplicity that you love or every detail that you want. Choose your color, your style & your love of lace, pearls, & bling and we will put it together for you. We want to make sure every detail is perfect. Pocket style invitations are perfect if you love organization. You will ALWAYS see a sample of your exact invitation before placing an order.


RSVP, Accommodation, Directions, We're Registered, Reception,

or whatever cards you need, we can do.


Save lots of time by letting us address all of your envelopes. We can do the Guest addressing as well as the Return address. You decide what you need and what best fits your schedule. We will even add the postage stamp if necessary.


When you receive your invitations they will be ready to mail. We also will stuff your invitations into the envelopes making sure they are ready for you to address if you want to do your own addressing.


If you live locally just call us and book an appointment.

If you need to work online, we can do that also.

Whatever you need, we can do it

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Invitations By Dezyne

Natural Sand and Coral Color invitation with Rsvp card and a We're Registered card

Dessert Sand Colored Pocket invitation wrapped with natural color lace and tied into a bow with natural raffia. This invitation includes an RSVP card, a We're Registered card or cards of your choice. Everything slips neatly into an envelope ready to be addressed and mailed to your guest.